Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our New Home

As some of you know, we have moved in with Jacob's parents. We live in the basement, across the hall from his sister Elisabeth and her husband Alex. This is a wonderful opportunity. It's a great blessing that his parents were willing to provide a place for us to live while Jacob and I are in school! I can't even tell you how much we had to spend on books this semester alone, because it's absolutely ridiculous! Not only has this been a blessing financially, it is great to have support and kinship from your family. It's not like there aren't any new challenges with our new circumstances, but it's just like everything else in life. You do the best you can and enjoy life! The blessings always outshine the challenges!

We were so excited when our room was finally "done" and set up. We're still trying to find space for a couple more picture frames, and my tons and tons of pajamas that I can't seem to part with. It's a weird fetish I have, so we will find a place for ALL of my comfy clothes! :) But the room is for the most part how it'll be for at least the next year or two. So come take a look!


J n Bee said...

ya know what? it's times like this when i am sitting here reading and imagining being with you guys that i realize we are too far away.
we miss and love you!

J & E Hoffmann said...

We miss you too!!! You may be far away, but we still feel your love! Hope you know that we love you and miss you lots! Give Grant a hug and a kiss for the both of us! :)

J n Bee said...

oh man! i am just now seeing your sweet response to our comment way too long ago! which means it's time for an up-date! :)
i was just blog perusing and told myself i would not look at one without leaving a comment. so thanks for being so wonderful! it was great to see you two lovebirds.
hope all is happy and well! see you when the leaves begin to fall!